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Is updating your website with fresh and timely content proving difficult? You need not worry as we’ve got you covered!

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Our CMS website solutions have the advantage of being very flexible and very user friendly. As a web browser based website page editor – you can add new web pages, edit existing ones or delete older unwanted pages in minutes – no dabbling with codes. You can within seconds upload your word documents, pdfs and images to your website pages and always ensure your website is up to date and your content is fresh.

This service is ideal for ‘non-technically minded’ website users. A CMS does not only afford you control of your website, it also has huge advantages as far as your search engine rankings are concerned. All search engines like to see that websites are updated regularly and favor websites that alter their contents, or add new pages on an on-going basis.

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The Advantages of Using Our CMS Services are:

  • Helps You Save Time and Money.
  • You Can Easily Keep The Site Current and Up-To-Date.
  • Keep Your Website Optimized and SEO Friendly.
  • You Have The Flexibility To Position Text And Visuals Anywhere On The Screen.
  • Website updates are live – Keep your website content fresh.
  • You Can Add, Edit and Delete Website Pages.
  • CMS Website Development

    User Friendly CMS for Effective Content Management

    You can manage the content of your website using the control and administration tools provided Content Management System. These controls would allow you to add, edit, or modify content such as photos, text, and videos so that your site is constantly up-to-date and in tune with the demands and taste of your target audience. Any person would find it easy to use regardless of their IT proficiency! There is no necessity for the intervention of professional developers to carry out simple changes.

    At DWD we custom build your website using popular CMS like Jhoomla, WordPress etc. or when you require we develop a independent website having it’s very own CMS control panel. Besides adding, editing, or modifying content such as photos, text, our easy to use CMS systems even let you edit HTML right on your website. The tools can be configured to let you quickly edit certain areas or pages - and route more complex requests to developers.

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